Cinnamon Studio took its name from the beloved Maine Coon ginger cat called Cinnamon.


Before having a conversation about cats, let’s talk about your online shop first!


99% of marketing agencies will choose the easy way.
99% of marketing consultancies consider increasing traffic from your website as the only remedy for you to grow your business.


The average conversion rate from an online shop like yours varies between 1-3%.


Only 1-3% of visitors are ready to order here and now.
The remaining 97% are not prepared for shopping. Even if they are, they are distracted by your website hops and bumps during their customer journey.


You always pay for 100% traffic to your website. Even if 3% of visitors convert, you should consider 97% of non-impulse buyers as a loss to your business.


What if I will show you that there’s another way forward? What if I will guide you through the long-term evolution process that could double your turnover with no increase in your advertising budget?

Try something that really works!

Our goal is to convert your online shop into the ultimate earning machine. See below our 7 weeks consulting programme. All has been designed based on hands-on experience and will lead you to your e-commerce nirvana once you implement my recommendations into your online shop.

Join the evolution of Bart’s E-commerce Nightmares

Meet the team

My name is Bart Stasiak and I’m Managing Director of Cinnamon Studio. I have hands-on, 20+ years of experience in marketing and business development. It cost me spoiling 3 online shops and a lot of self-learning to achieve a certain level of expertise. Now, I’m ready to share my knowledge and experience with you.

Worried about the cost?

Marketing is not a bullet-proof miracle. We understand that the process of your e-commerce transformation is akin to the regular investment, where sometimes capital investment is required on the side of our regular consultancy fees.

You might say you cannot afford to pay for the process. No worries, we are teamed up with financial brokers. They can help you to find the appropriate finance scheme. We can work for you for a fee. However, if you can present a significant market potential, we can consider taking a stake in your business.

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